Advice to Participants

Wearing of Life Jackets

Personal flotation devices (PFDs), also known as life jackets, are an essential item of marine safety equipment. New regulations relating to the wearing of life jackets came into effect in December 2017.

To comply with the intent of the Regulations and “Stay Safe” the event must adopt the following standards:

  • All participants must wear a life jacket at all times.
  • People operating power craft must wear a life jacket at all times when the craft is underway or at anchor.
  • Participants in dragon boats, canoes, kayaks, paddle boards (including stand up paddle boards), surf skis or surf boards must wear a life jacket of Level 50 or greater.  

Correct fitting of the life jacket is important and event organisers will conduct a visual check of participants prior to them launching their craft.

For more info view “Which life jacket do I need?”


  • The outer layer of all participants’ clothing must be of a colour that makes it easily visible for other water users or rescue services.
  • Clothing must be of a material and design that gives adequate protection from the weather conditions
  • Appropriate footwear is encouraged for this event

Sun protection

  • All participants are encouraged to adhere to and promote best practice sun protection: sunscreen, lip balm, wide brim hat, long sleeve shirts with a collar, appropriate to the conditions. UV eye protection is recommended.

Food and drink

  • All participants are encouraged to have adequate food and drink.


  • Each boat must carry sufficient buoyancy, either in the construction of the boat or fixed, to keep the boat floating level when filled with water. The scrutineers may float test the boat if buoyancy is not apparent after a visual inspection. If the organisers so decide for safety reasons, additional buoyancy must be fitted to each boat such that it will give support to the paddlers when in the water.
  • Any competitor failing to observe such a direction shall be refused the right to start. If they have started he or she will be instructed to abandon the event.
  • Competitors participate at their own risk. Neither the organisers nor the City of Charles Sturt, Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia or Rowing SA can be held responsible for accidents or material damage which may occur during the event.
  • All participants will sign an Acknowledgement & Agreement waiver.
  • The use of PFD’s is essential
  • Loaner PFDs will be available at the event.
  • Every official is required to observe that the safety measures are being adhered to and prevent boats or competitors from starting or continuing if they fail to meet the requirements laid down in the rules.
  • All competitors will be made fully aware of their obligation to rescue competitors in danger.


Participants are encouraged to contact Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia on 08 8231 6339 for any further questions.